Thursday, September 6, 2007

Historically Black College Football

From the world of niche videogames, comes this press release about the November 23rd PC release, Black College Football Experience, from Nerjyzed (En-er-gized! Get it?) Entertainment (via Kotaku):

"Nerjyzed Entertainment, Inc., a privately held, African American owned digital entertainment company, announced today the launch of its new sports videogame, Black College Football Experience... 'Nerjyzed Entertainment was founded by a veteran team whose mission is to create positive interactive products for the urban market,' said Jacqueline Beauchamp, chief executive officer."

Normally we’d be pretty skeptical of this sort of project, marketed as it is at the “urban” audience (what does urban mean anyhow?). But, this is coming from inside the community: the founders “share the distinction of having graduated” from HBCUs and they clearly love them. Nerjyzed Entertainment’s other project is a documentary on the history of the Historically Black Colleges and Universities. With that kind of consciousness, we wouldn’t expect them to fall prey to lame culture marketing like My Black is Beautiful or the former Good Friends cereal.

In fact, CEO Jacqueline Beauchamp addresses just that point on the Nerjyzed website:

"So far, attempts have been made to "target" and "appeal to" the African American market, but these have fallen quite short of being fair and accurate and have relied more on unfortunate stereotypes. Here at Nerjyzed, we aren't looking to "target" or "appeal to", but instead we are simply creating a world -- a world that not one specific, but several varied cultures can enjoy and take part in."

The other key feature appears to be the interactive halftime shows, where players will live out their drum major fantasies. Promotions will include touring 12 Historically Black Colleges and Universities.

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