Thursday, August 30, 2007

LTTTT: You're a Phenomenon!

This is an incredible Nintendo GameBoy ad from early 90s Spain featuring a bunch of kind of busted Spanish kids saying, “GameBoy,” occasionally to a sweet early hip hop beat. (G-g-g-gameboy!). Nintendo’s tagline was, “Eres un fenomeno!” which translates to, “You’re a phenomenon!” It could be the beginning of a collective lovepoem from Spanish consumers to their Gameboys. Or it could be Nintendo informing their users that they were transforming themselves and their country with never-before-seen entertainment.

How strange and unbelievable this all must have seemed to these kids’ grandparents who lived through the Spanish Civil War, WWII, and several decades under Franco’s dictatorship. I mean, this was a country with basically one television station into the 80s. Then, almost magically, the country telescoped right into hordes of kids glued to a tiny screen mashing buttons furiously.

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