Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The Pure Conduit Through Which All Fun Will Flow?

Via 3pointD, we have another VC story, this time Conduit has received $5.5 million from Charles River Ventures and Prism. 3pointD’s story focuses on the money behind the operation:

I’ll be very interested to see what Conduit is cooking up, and whether there’s a form of “social gaming world” that could be that different from current offerings. Considering its backers, though, it’s definitely one to watch.
We’re more interested in the actual people involved in the project. They have worked on MMOG(Asheron’s Call), actually cool videogames (Guitar Hero), and ambient consumer technology (the Ambient Orb). We’re not sure what comes out of that brew, but just Guitar Hero + MMOG would be incredible. Integrate some data from our real lives, and you could have a product that rises above the 2.bullshit.

Regardless, we like the tone of the CEO’s inaugural
blog post.

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