Wednesday, August 29, 2007

$95 in 1st Round Venture Capital - August 2007

In our continuing drive to bring you some data to play with, here's a quick review of who got how much money from whom to do what.

Date Company Main VC Cash Area SubAreas
28-Aug BluePulse VantagePoint $6 SocialNet Mobile
28-Aug Jaxtr August Capital $10 SocialNet VOIP
28-Aug D2C Rubicon, 755 Capital $6 Games Downloadable
27-Aug Vadver Draper Fisher Jurvetson $1.7 Search Social, Video
27-Aug Masala VantagePoint $4.5 SocialNet
24-Aug Veveo Matrix, Norwest, North
$14 Search Mobile, Video
23-Aug Pluggd Intel $6 Search Video, Audio
23-Aug Lending Club Norwest, Canaan $10.26 P2P Lending
22-Aug Conduit Labs Charles River, Prism $5.50 Games SocialNet, Worlds
17-Aug Zivity Undisclosed $1 SocialNet Adult
16-Aug Kongregate Grelock $5 Games SocialNet
16-Aug Northworks HighTech Grunderfonds,
ICS Holding
Games Online, Sports
14-Aug DietTV MentorTech $2 SocialNet Dieters
14-Aug Trilogy Studios Chicen Itza Games Worlds
9-Aug Sports Composite DFJ, Mission, SCP,
Allen & Co, Jeff Fluhr
$6 Games Fantasy Sports
7-Aug TeeBeeDee Shasta, Monitor $4.80 SocialNet Boomer
7-Aug Worldwide Biggies NBC, Platform $9 Games Kids
2-Aug Minekey NEA IndoUS $3 Search Widget, Recs

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